Evoeye Eyelash Formula

Evoeye Eyelash Formula

approx. 45 €



Skin Tolerability







  • Longer, fuller eyelashes after 8 weeks
  • Tested by ophthalmologists
  • Suitable also for eyebrows
  • No more expensive than comparable products


  • It can take up to 8 weeks for first results to appear
  • Slight redness possible at the start of treatment

Evoeye Eyelash Formula Eyelash Serum

Evoeye Eyelash Formula Eyelash Serum works without hormones. Despite that, eyelashes become stronger, fuller and longer. Precious ingredients ensure the desired result.


Myristol-Petanpeptid 17. That’s a protein complex containing 5 amino acids.

Pisum Sativum Sproud Extract. This substance stimulates the roots of the eyelashes and prolongs their growth phase. As a result, the natural hair growth cycle is prolonged.


Evoeye Eyelash Formula Eyelash Serum is used once a day, ideally in the evenings once any make-up has been carefully removed from the eyes. Before application the skin has to be dry. It is sufficient to apply a thin line of Serum along the upper and lower lash line, using the applicator. Application is straightforward, the same as if applying eyeliner. It is not necessary to re-wet the brush, the amount on the applicator is sufficient for the upper and lower lid. After application of Evoeye Eyelash Formula Eyelash Serum it is necessary to wait for it to dry. Once dry, other care products can be used.

Should the eyelash serum come in contact with the eyes it has to be flushed out with warm water. Some users may experience irritation or redness. If this occurs, use of the product should be stopped. If side-effects persist, please consult a doctor.

Minors, pregnant women as well as women who are breastfeeding and women who are undergoing chemotherapy should refrain from using Evoeye Eyelash Formula Eyelash Serum.

What customers say about Evoeye Eyelash Formula Eyelash Serum

Evoeye Eyelash Formula Eyelash Serum costs around 45 Euros for 3 ml. Since it is only applied sparingly, this amount last a long time, around 5 to 6 months. Customers who have tested this serum are convinced by its effectiveness. Allergic reactions are rare. The majority of users appreciated the simple application process and the resulting eyelash growth. Almost all customers achieved the desired effects. The product was generally perceived as being good value for money.

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